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Facilities of Hotel Cayo Largo

Hotel Sol Cayo Largo Whirlpool .

Day animation

For the vacationers offers a daily Program of activities and a team of exciting professionals. Also, classes of Thai chi and yoga, parties of beach volley, mini football, aquagym classes and of dance; ecological trips, bike tour and snorkeling. Open: Every day. Schedule: 08:00 at the 18:00 hours.

Fun Pub-Karaoke

Key life. In the night, all will discharge the energies to this place with the best cocktails. The influence of the key raises the spirit, it vivifies the spirit, detoxify and it revitalizes the body. The movement is felt like. For that reason, the disco is the night best option. National and international cocktails and entertainment assured in all moment. Open: Every day. Schedule: 19:00 at the 02:00 hours.

Hotel Sol Cayo Largo Beach ActivitiesHotel Sol Cayo Largo Show

Nights Topic

Every night, the team of professionals and dancers of the team of Activities of the Sun Long Key will make enjoy the guests of the hotel of a night excellent show in their Room of Parties, a different, extremely attractive show. For the groups and incentives, private parties, weddings and any other event, they offer nights Topic to the letter and the client's pleasure. Open: Every day. Schedule: 22:00 at the 22:45 hours.

Hotel Sol Cayo Gym

Health and Beauty

The Hotel Sun Long Key offers its visitors the beauty parlor services, solarium, Center of Health, therapeutic massage, massages, vapor bathroom, Jacuzzi, sauna and gym.

In this Center of more than 600 m2, the guests will find the peace and the tranquility of Cayo Largo and they will be able to be devoted them to their health. SPA with sauna, Jacuzzi and vapor bathroom. Also, of a complete gym with muscular and cardiovascular teams, I take a bath Turkish and Aerobics.

Service of massages, hairdresser, manicure and pedicure, Facial and Corporal Therapies, Fangoterapia. Services with position extra. Open: Every day. Schedule: 09:00 at the 21:00 hours.

Nautical Center

The guests will be able to enjoy all the nautical activities without imaginable motor. I center Nautical answered to professional monitors and taken rescuers care; they offer them a complete team so that they can enthuse with the waters of the sea and the marine wonderful funds. Open: Every day. Schedule: 10:00 at the 17:00 hours.

Cuban Club

In this corner the vacationers will be able to delight with the history of Cuba, to learn how to carry out handiworks in the shops of plastic arts and craft characteristic of the country, as well as to learn the recipes of the Cuban cocktails and of the Creole cuisine. Besides the dance and the Cuban music, they will be able to learn Spanish. Souvenirs sale. Open: Every day. Schedule: 09:00 at the 15:00 hours.

Club of activities: Club House

If they want it, the vacationers can spend a lively day with a wide range of activities linked to the Club House. Loan of books in different languages and CDs of Cuban music, Petanca, Darts, Minibasket, Giant Chess, Shuffle Board, Skittles, Ping Pong, Croquet, Badminton, Dice, Scrabble, Monopoly, Backgamon, Chess, Puzzle, Parchís, Dominated and more. Open: Every day. Schedule: 08:00 at the 18:00 hours.


The guests can enjoy the following services:  included hotel taxes, front desk, foreign currency change, facilities for handicapped, parking, connection to Internet, fax services, desk of sales of trips and optional, medical services 24 hours, taxis, equipments rent, store of gifts, mini market, craft and laundry service, the rent of teams, courses free of diving initiation and Spanish language.

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