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Hotel Sol Cayo Largo Pool

Hotel Sol Cayo Largo

The Hotel Sol Cayo Largo is located in Cayo Largo, a key of coralline origin in bar form that it is in the oriental end of the wonderful Canarreos archipelago, to 140 km of the Isla de la Juventud, to 178 km of the Havana City.

In a natural environment of singular attractiveness with virgin beautiful beaches, surrounded of palms, coconut trees and coralline beautiful reefs it was inaugurated in the year 2000 the Hotel Sol Cayo Largo.

Apparently this paradise was pirates' feud and corsairs, they say the legends that made of his terrible Henry Morgan and selfsame Francis Drake for these keys, and that its marine funds are lain of fabulous treasures.

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The visit to the Hotel Sol Cayo Largo outlines, of entrance, an alternative: the one of choosing among the immediately tempting thing, that is to say, to be thrown in the hammock of the hotel, listening the rumor of the waves while one smokes a Cuban good Tobacco and to taste a select drink or him reflexively advisable: to make trips for the island, to move the lazy body to discover the treasures that insurance hides.

The two options will be revealed wonderful. But to get lost the second will be unforgivable. As always in these cases, seeks advice a wise mixture of the options one and two.

The first are obvious: the waves, the rum, the sauce, the hammock and the bed in anyone of their uses will send the lazy user to a Caribbean karma of those that don't forget. The second, also, but there the thing will be indescribable. One realizes it as soon as steps the sand of Beach Mermaids or Beach Paradise whose name is not necessary to explain in depth.

From the Hotel Sol Cayo Largo you will be able to dive with or without bottles between barracudas and blankets for the fascinating loin of the coral barrier. To caress turtles giant in the hatchery of the town. To give of eating the prehistoric creatures that populates the isolated Key Iguana. To lie down on the sand with the water covering half of the body.

The Hotel Sun Long Key with system All Included queen in this paradisiacal beautiful environment, one of the ecological marvels to the south of Cuba that you/they will enthrall any visitor. It is ideal for the visitors that love the nature and they want to be in strait contact with a vestal environment of extraordinary beauty.

"Dream, to Live. In Cayo Largo." Not is slogan sad.

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